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June 2013….

I was a single mom. My son was 6 years old and I had just recently graduated with a Masters in Professional Counseling & I was BROKE. As a single mom who is making it happen, I enrolled in school for another degree to get the student loans to be able to pay for my sons private school. He was extremely smart and it was very important to me to keep him in that particular school. I was working a full time job in my field, doing hair on the side, graduate school part time, head of technical services at my church, my son was in sports and I had a man lol. I was one busy momma.

But something happened….

I was invited to one of those parties – ya know the ones where people want you to buy stuff. I normally decline those kind of things but I was being a supportive friend. And my God I am so glad I did. I heard a story about a lady who was bringing home $15k a month as a wife, mom of 2 boys and Nurse Practitioner – this was intriguing for this broke, well educated single mom. I tried the product that day and it worked (hence the name of the company) and I decided if she was making $15,000 I could at least make $500 a month to help my son and I.

  • By July 2013, I was paying for my sons school tuition in cash.
  • By April 2014, I had replaced my full-time salary income.
  • By March 2015, I was making 10 times my monthly salary income in one month.
  • By November 2015, I brought my husband home fulltime.
  • By June 2018, we had made a million dollars.

I knew this business was special the first time I went to conference. Why? We had praise and worship service. Any company that reverences God first is alright with me.

I started for extra income, but now this is my full-time ministry where I get to empower people to know that they were made for more and there’s limitless income waiting for them on the other side of their YES.

PS I’ve never been more healthy in my life.

It Works is family owned and operated Christian based network marketing business that is Debt Free. Learn more about the first family below.

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