Meet the Whighams

Who are the Whighams?

A crazy fun family that lives a life of gratitude. There’s not a day that goes by that we take for granted. Brion & I met in college and dated for 6 years before tying the knot in September 2014. I had our son, Trey, when I was in high school. Brion met Trey when he was 1 and has been such an important role in his life ever since.

Trey is our 13 year old genius. He was my first why ever. I had him when I was only 18 years old and in high school. He was my reason to push. He is currently in the 10th grade and the brightest kid ever. I enjoy his intellect and that we get to be able to love him through this season in his life. He loves to read books, watch Netflix and engage in meaningful conversation.

Zayden (the guy with the glasses on lol) is our little ball of fire. Literally. He is such a joy. Brion and I struggled with infertility and he is our rainbow baby. Prior to going to infertility doctors and getting testing done to try and figure out why we weren’t getting pregnant and when we did why we weren’t staying pregnant we miscarried several times – once on Mother’s Day. It was a journey, but my God we’re grateful for every moment that lead us to him.

Zyair is our new pride and joy! After Zayden as much as I possibly wanted more kids, I was fearful of the process of going through miscarriages and negative pregnancy tests again. I decided to hand it over to God and just continue to live life and we ended up getting pregnant! God is so faithful you our hearts desires. His pregnancy and birth were so joyful. He is definitely a perfect fit to the Whigham family.

Brion is my erthang! I’ve been obsessed with this guy since April 2008. He is such a gentle, goofy giant. I love that he towers a foot over me, kisses me on my forehead and loves me for who I am. He is a God fearing, praying man who is an amazing husband and father. He is currently the Junior Varsity basketball coach at his high school alma mater, Althoff Catholic High School and works our It Works business with me everyday.

Rachel – finally me lol I am well educated with a Masters in Professional Counseling but decided to pursue an full-time journey with It Works as a full-time empowering machine after being fired from my job as a Children’s Mental Health Case Manager. Yes I had a child at 18 shortly after graduating from high school, but because of Gods grace I went on to college and received my Bachelor’s in 3.5 years. I then went on to graduate with my Masters Degree 2 years later and I have now made 7 figures though my lucrative home based business.

In 2019 was thoughtful and this word caused us to take timeout to see how we can add value to those around us. As we expand and grow as a family we pray to inspire families, couples and people to know that its okay to Be Brave, Be Patient & Be Consistent.

In 2020 we are focused on CHANGE!! Ohh I’m excited scared about what’s to come! We can’t wait to share with you!

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